Preston, Idaho, located in Franklin County, is a great place to visit. With many unique things to do and see, the scenery is beautiful, and the activities are a blast. Most importantly, it is one of the best places in the world to live and raise a family. People here are friendly and helpful.

We have great schools, an excellent library, trained medical personnel and facilities, and a compassionate government, all ready and willing to help. Recreation surrounds us, and the arts are a strong part of our community. Everything you need for a well-balanced life is right here, including various religious groups and activities.

Board of Directors

Lance Zollinger

Brittney Smith
Vice President

Ashley Nate

Jan Taylor

Jeannine Groll
Community Outreach

Stevie Emerson
Marketing & Member Relations

Bailey Beckstead
Education & Information Sharing

Marcia Kunz
Public Policy

Krista Burns
Social Media

Kris Beckstead

Janet Nalder

Amber Almond