The Preston Area Chamber of Commerce is partnering with the City of Preston to continue the momentum from the Mayor’s Shop Local proclamation this past fall. This will be a collaborative, initiative to promote our local businesses all year long and throughout all of Franklin county to help shift the narrative and understanding of what it means to Shop Local and the impact it has on our businesses, and the community.

We invite any other cities or the County to please contact us if they are interested in supporting this.
And if you are a business owner and want to participate, please reach out. We would love for this to reach all corners of Franklin County.

Shawn Oliverson | [email protected]
Stevie Emerson | [email protected]

Shop Local Materials

updated 02/09/2024


Shop Local – Preston, Idaho

There are many ways to shift your spending to local retail, food, and service businesses. Before you drive out of town or shop online, we encourage you to look locally first while checking off that shopping list. If you are throwing a holiday party, consider our local delis, restaurants, and food services. Gift cards never go out of style and are the perfect fit for everyone. These are just a few ways to take advantage of what we have right here.

Not only will you get excellent quality products and service, but you will also support your friends, families, and neighbors, all while strengthening the local economy. These are the businesses that support our community, schools, and service clubs by giving items for auctions, giveaways, gift certificates, and many other things throughout the year. It is our turn to show up for them.

Join us Friday, November 17th, and Saturday, November 18th, as we show up for our local entrepreneurs and support our local businesses that are the foundation of the community’s growth and prosperity.

Please share this with friends and family and take advantage of the fantastic things we have just outside our front door. Shop local.

Thank you on behalf of the Preston Area Chamber of Commerce Board.

updated 11/05/2023

Support Local Gems All Season Long

With the holidays upon us, we want to wish you and yours a happy holiday season while also asking for your help in standing with the small businesses that make Idaho so special.

Like all of us, small businesses face challenges due to rising costs and inflation.

This holiday season, we’re inviting you to Support Local Gems—the small businesses in our community—all season long.

If you’re shopping for the holidays, buy from your favorite small retailer—in-person or online—purchase a gift card, dine at a local restaurant you love, write a positive review, post about a small business you love on social media with the hashtag #SupportLocalGems, or just say “thank you” to a business in your community.

We hope you will join us and Support Local Gems All Season Long. Your support can make all the difference in a small business’ future.

Senator Jim Risch’s office has developed a free Support Local Gems All Season Long media toolkit with graphics, suggested social media posts, and an email outreach template for partners, small businesses, and supporters to use. This toolkit is available on Senator Risch’s website.

updated 11/20/2023