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Swim in our pools and tube slides.


Soak in our hot mineral pools.


Stay overnight in our rooms/sites.

Your Natural Mineral Hot Springs Destination

Our pools are filled with natural geothermal heated mineral water.


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Small Mineral Soaking Pool

Our Small Mineral Soaking Pool is partially enclosed so that it is very comfortable in any weather. It is the hottest pool of all at about 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Many locals come regularly to enjoy the healing qualities of the hot, mineral rich water. This pool is not recommended for small children.

Large Mineral Soaking Pool

Our Large Mineral Soaking Pool is 3 1/2 foot deep and is wonderfully warm and stays open all year. The temperature varies between 90 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This pool is very therapeutic for people recovering from things like broken bones or arthritis. People of all ages enjoy the peanut pool.

Hydrotube Water Slides

Our two Hydrotube Water Slides twist and turn as they descend over 60 feet before emptying into their own pool. The Hydrotube is fully enclosed all the way down.

Junior Olympic Pool

The Junior Olympic Pool varies in depth from 3 feet to 10 feet and has a diving board. There is also a basketball hoop on the shallow end. This pool and the water slide are both supplied with natural geothermal hot water, but both pools are also chlorinated and filtered. These two pools are open between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Certified Lifeguards

To ensure your and your family’s safety, we have Red Cross Certified Lifeguards on staff at all times during open pool hours.

Covered Picnic & Play Areas

Gather with your friends, bring your BBQ grill and relax at our shaded picnic areas surrounded with green lawn large enough for your volleyball game or small sport.

Snack Bar

Drinks and various food items are available for sale at our snack bar open during pool hours (see admission page for open hours).


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3696 North 1600 East Preston, ID 83263


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M-TH: 2:00 PM – 9:00 PM

F-SAT: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Franklin County Theatre/Arts Council Inc. is proud of our theatre. Built in 1930, having a rich history in Preston, Idaho, the Worm Creek Opera House, formerly know as The Grand Theatre, is a much appreciated resource in our great community. In 1986, the Theatre was a vacant building that had not been used for several years. Under the direction of a committee of citizens, the architecturally sound building was purchased and paid for entirely with private donations as part of a community development effort. The building was then deeded to Franklin County. The theatre then began operating under the direction of a committee which was appointed by the county commissioners until 1995. At that time, the theatre committee incorporated as a Nonprofit Corporation under the name of Franklin County Theatre/Arts Council. The Arts Council then leased the Worm Creek Opera House from the county at the request of the County Commissioners. From the beginning , the theatre has been used for live theatre productions and the Arts. Between live productions, it is used to show movies, thus providing the only movie venue in Preston.

The name Worm Creek Opera House was given to the theatre to bring us back to our roots. When Preston was first settled, it was called Worm Creek after a creek that runs on the east side of town. The name was changed to Preston because many didn’t think Worm Creek was a fitting name for a town. In the early days the town had a building they called the “Opera House” where most of the cultural activities and entertainment took place. Since the purpose of the building was to be a center for cultural activities and entertainment the name Worm Creek Opera House seems to be a natural.

The first major renovation of the theatre was culminated in 1993 with many private donations and some very generous grants. This included new ADA Restrooms, new electrical service and wiring upgrades, plaster repairs and painting. Also, thanks to the Capital Theatre in Logan we received new (to us) seats.

In 1997, we added dressing rooms, scenery storage and a much needed costume room in the back.

Recently the theatre has received a new roof, final touches on a sound system for movies, and upgrade marquee and sign-age in front. Also major improvements to the light and sound systems for live productions and a new baby grand piano.

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70 South State Street Preston, ID 83263


[email protected]


MON, FRI, SAT: 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM